If I Was Blessed with Boredom.

Boredom is not a luxury I often possess, but if it did come to me, I might write property descriptions that don’t truly matter. Once, I wrote about a chicken coop. Today, I spoke of a red barn I used to own:

The Red Barn on Wolcott Road

You will be welcomed by a sweet herb and flower garden at the front entrance. Basil, mint, and daisies dance a gentle tango in circles with the wind, surrounded by deep, black mulch. The muted red stains the barnboards and is complemented by the matte white shutters. There is a small covered area in the front that would work as a patio, bird haven, woodpile, or ice cream shop window.

Open the door to hear a historical squeak as you enter the first floor covered with cool, smooth concrete. To the right is a large bay, perfect for stacking firewood and the seasonal porch windows, screen or glass. To the left is a planting station with a window to allow in natural light for seedlings, complete with rich, black mountain soil and thick wooden shelves for pots, spades, and heirloom seeds.

To the left you will find two more vehicle bays, large enough for a pickup truck, tractor, or ping pong table, sublime for adding some fresh mountain air to the barn. Straight ahead is a heavy wooden sliding door that will take you to the workshop and a coop that fits dozens of chickens. The area is laden with shelves galore and tons of drawers for your tools and hardware, and there’s a wood stove for your January creativity. To the left you will find one of the two push-out windows and another bay door that gratefully receives the afternoon sun. The chicken coop is safe and secure with a handy door to collect your eggs, a human-sized door for convenience, and there’s a miniature, outdoor lockable door that leads to the run for your favorite feathered friends. The area is cool and shaded, ideal for those warm summer days. Sounds glorious, right? Well, there’s more.

The stairs to the second floor are nestled between the three bays when you first walk in. Go up the stairs to find a landing, or nook, to stand a Christmas tree or house a small office. On the top of the stairway is a door that leads to a large room to the left with a hay door and a skylight. In that room are also secret wooden doors to store your most treasured trinkets. Straight ahead is a large area with three windows that face the orchard and mountain stream, and it has built-in shelves and lots of outlets. Once an antique shop, the upstairs area could be used as extra living space, a teen room, or a home office. To the right is another antique wooden door with tons of attic space and another hay door, convenient for your livestock.

About You

scrabble tiles on blue surface
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Bios, sometimes called descriptions, are essential pieces for your online or printed presence. The words show you as a real person and communicate to your potential clients reasons they should hire you. Professionalism is key, yes, but so is showing your human side, a peek into your personal life, and even a few words about your philanthropic adventures.

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Don’t Be a “Two-Spacer”

typewriter keys
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When you write a sentence then place the punctuation at the end, do you hit the spacebar once or twice? I am here to tell you today that you only need to hit the bar one time. Yes, people, once! Think of all the time you will save! Well, maybe not that much, but your written content will look more professional, cleaner, and modern.

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I Can Help You Make Your Own Cookbook!

Books offer us words, yes, stories of fiction or non, and they offer us information that we use like how to plant a garden or how to invest. They entertain us, teach us, and tell us about our past. We take for granted the colorful photographs, different types of curvy fonts, or even a catchy title like Beekeeping for Dummies, but I, personally, will never look at a book the same way again.

Recently, I taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign, which is a program people use to design posters, magazines, menus, and books. The program is not cheap and very difficult to learn and use, but I created a product, a real product; my first cookbook, and it will be for sale soon on my site.

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Editing and Proofreading

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Maybe you like to write and have a true way with words, but are unsure of your grammar and punctuation usage, or you are busy and don’t have time to check and recheck your brand’s content. Others simply prefer to have a second pair of eyes peek at their words just to be sure they are perfect. In each case, a proofreader or editor is needed.

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What is Content?

Have you ever paid a visit to a company’s website in search of information and been disenchanted by an error in their spelling or grammar? Or, have you encountered descriptions of their services that were complicated and confusing, causing you to move on to their competitor in frustration? The first impression most potential clients have of your business is from your online content, and you want it to be flawless and clear for your future patrons.

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Protecting Your Brand: Online Reviews

Protecting your online brand is imperative in this modern day, Most of us obtain our information online on social media or news websites. We usually begin our search for information on engines such as the giant, Google. People will quickly avoid patronizing your business due to negative reviews they see online, ultimately threatening your beloved enterprise and of course, your livelihood.

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Your Blog

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Do you want to tell your potential or current clients about a successful open house you hosted, or did your company recently have an exciting pumpkin-carving event? Writing a blog can be daunting and may seem unimportant, and if you do not enjoy writing, it is easy to set it aside and say, “I’ll get to it later.” Allow me to unburden you from your blogging so you can share with the world just how awesome you, your business, or your brand is!

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I Write Property Descriptions.

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Over the years, I have learned just how much people loathe writing. I get it. I really do. If it produces the same internal angst as an algebraic expression or Excel spreadsheet do for me, then it makes all of the most perfect sense. Well, good news! I love writing, and property descriptions for a home you are renting or selling is a service I can gladly provide for you.

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