My Services

What’s your story?

Do you have a personal or business blog that needs some life? Maybe you’ve already written some posts and would like them edited or proofread. Are you a realtor who needs help writing property descriptions, or are you a business owner in desperate need of clear, captivating online content that will attract more clients? People will be more apt to patronize your business if they trust your word, and that starts with the online message you provide for them, which many times is their first impression of you. I can help you make your compositions and product promises clear, interesting, and ready to publish on your blog.

Is English your second language?

Speaking a new language is difficult and intimidating, and so is writing it. I can help you practice the different parts of speech, show you how to form English sentences that will offer your audience your important ideas with certainty and clarity, and even help you compose poetry that will help you hone your new language.

Do you have a speech to write?

Public speaking can make most of us weak in the knees, causing our palms to sweat and our bellies to become overwhelmed with butterflies and feelings of doubt. I can help you write that speech you are due to present, help you rehearse, and I will coach you along the way.

Your Book

Do you have a pile of papers sitting in a box somewhere? Is your computer space being taken over by an old manuscript you’ve never been able to finish? Maybe you have a tin of recipes you wish to edit and share, or a training manual that requires some proofreading. Everyone has a story, whether it’s fact or fiction, that can be shared. Let me take a look. I can edit your words and guide you to the finish!

Have you always wanted to learn to write?

Anyone can write. It just takes a bit of practice and something to say. We all have stories, short tales, or even memoirs (which are words that describe special segments of our complicated lives) that we want to share for the world, for our loves, or for our friends and family. Maybe you simply need a starting point and some coaching along the way, tactics to begin, or some simple advice, and I can help you with that.

Let’s show your story together.